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Our horseback riding program is the embodiment of our commitment to creating enriching equestrian experiences for everyone. The heart of our service lies in embracing the unique journey of each rider, regardless of age or skill level, and guiding them towards their equine dreams.

At the core of our program, we offer meticulously designed riding lessons. Tailored for individual and group settings, these lessons range from introductory sessions for beginners to advanced training modules for seasoned riders. Our lessons incorporate a variety of disciplines, catering to diverse interests, whether it's the exhilarating sport of show jumping or the precise art of dressage.

We understand that every rider is unique, and so is every horse. That's why we house a wide array of horse breeds in our well-maintained stables. This enables us to carefully match rider and horse, fostering a deeper connection and a more rewarding riding experience.


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7756w Canyon Rd, Herriman, UT, USA


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