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Meet the Instructor:

Meet Aspyn Stanley, our head instructor and horse trainer at Copper Creek Horsemanship, an equine expert with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in the equestrian industry. With a remarkable and successful show career, Aspyn not only knows the ropes, but also how to guide others to succeed in their equine endeavors.

Her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience span across a broad range of equestrian disciplines, from english events including show jumping to Western disciplines. This comprehensive background helps to adopt a personalized, versatile approach to training that can meet a variety of needs and goals.

Furthermore, Aspyn's experience extends to working with an impressive variety of horse breeds. She understands and appreciates the unique traits, temperaments, and potentials each breed brings, thereby creating a customized training plan that accentuates each horse's innate abilities.

Embodying patience, compassion, and a deep respect for horse and rider, she is committed to creating a harmonious and beneficial relationship between horse and rider. 


Our Horses:

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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